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Registration on adhocracy+

To participate in projects on adhocracy+, you need to create an account. For this, an email address and a username are required. On this page, we explain why we do this and what happens with your data.

For a Safe and Respectful Community

Registration has several advantages. It enhances the security of adhocracy+, improves the quality of interactions among participants, and ensures that users are accountable for their actions on the platform.

Account Verification for Security Reasons
Creating an account allows us to verify users. This reduces the risk of harmful internet traffic and protects against bots and AI-driven attacks that could compromise the integrity of the platform and the decision-making processes that take place on it.

Improving Communication and Collaboration among Participants
A verified registration fosters trust among users, enhancing the quality of interactions and collaboration on the platform.

Ensuring Accountability and Responsibility on the Platform
At adhocracy+, we strive to create a protected space for digital participation, where participants can freely express their thoughts, connect with others, and collaborate according to the established netiquette. Moderating this is only possible if user contributions are tied to an account.

Full Control with Minimal Data

Registration not only ensures security but also gives you full control over your data.
You only need a pseudonym and an email address to get started. This mirrors our principles that participation should be simple and accessible.

Data Stored in Compliance with Strict Privacy Laws
Your data is stored securely and in accordance with the GDPR on servers located in Germany. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ensures that your personal data is protected and used only for its intended purposes.

All Data, Texts, and Votes are Promptly Removed When Deleting Your Account
If you decide to permanently leave adhocracy+, we ensure that all your data, including texts and votes, are promptly removed from our platform. You can delete your profile at any time in the account settings.

If you have any questions about data protection on the platform, you can find more information here.

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